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Credit: Gregory Sweeney

Whale Shark
Basking Shark.jpg
Megamouth Shark.jpg

These are all of the fish in the filter-feeding group. On the left, you can see the Whale Shark (The largest live fish in the world). In the middle, you can see the Basking Shark (The second-largest live fish in the world). On the right, you can see the Megamouth Shark, a rather mysterious shark that has only been seen since November 15, 1976.

Basking Shark vs. Whale Shark.jpg

Credit: FishingBooker

Credit: FishingBooker

Here is a comparison between a human, a Whale Shark, and Basking Shark. The Basking Shark has the smallest weight-for-weight brain size of a shark. The Basking Shark used to be hunted for skin and its oil.

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